Amersfoort Jazz and JazzNL initiated a survey to get a picture on the impact of Covid within the World Jazz Network. This survey was conducted by IKS Cultural Consulting. Now we share the official report. As expected, the impact has been massive. You can download it here.

World Jazz Conference celebrates successful first online edition

(Read the overview about the conference)

On behalf of Foundation JazzNL and IKS Consulting we would like to thank you all for participating in the World Jazz Conference a week ago. More than 150 registered participants, among them artists, journalists, venue owners, festival producers, promoters, agents, were actively engaged in the seven sessions and many of you were panelists. More than 2 000 viewed the live stream at different times and parallel to the conference more than 50 000 viewers watched the Amersfoort Jazz Festival Online from countries across the globe, some which we had not engaged with before. Both the festival and conference are still available on our social media channels. The data is still rolling in and we will keep you up to speed on our websites and social media.

But more important than the data and digital traction was the many heartwarming responses and messages of support, received during the conference that keep streaming in. Therefore we believe that we filled a need, a collective want to talk amongst each other about the current situation, fueled by our passion for jazz, which for us was nourishing on many levels. We have heard that the fires have already been lit for continuous engagement. Our colleague, and active participant in the conference, Arlette Hovinga, from Jazz Fuel wrote an overview of the two days, which you will find here.

Some of the comments in her report emphasized collaboration and a call for collective action in that … “we have to capitalize the value we create within society... we have to rethink our business models and shift towards a hybrid type of events where we perform live in front of an audience whilst also serving international viewers from the comfort of their homes. We shouldn’t be afraid to actively seek support: “Perhaps, we have to make it more sexy for bigger corporations to invest in us. We have to make key players and stakeholders understand what we stand for. We expect them to take action, and we will continue to encourage and pressure and challenge them to do so.”

I encourage you to see each other as global colleagues and part of a Jazz and World music family. Make contact, share ideas, design collaborative projects and share your artists and hopefully we have fertilized some new relationships. The JazzNL and IKS team are already cooking up a recipe for our next gathering and encourage you to share your ideas with us as to how we can improve. Feel free to make suggestions or tap into the program with your own studio or venue as we build this platform.

A special thanks to the global icon of jazz, Wynton Marsalis and Georgina Javor for bringing on board the Lincoln Center team. Having such a prestigious institute and jazz-icon as ambassador for our initiative was coup de grace and boosted our morale while trying to pull off this gig.

We will keep you updated during the year on our progress and please share any successes, articles and insights you would like us to put into our newsletters. Also feel free to engage us on your activities if you believe we can make a contribution and add value.

I would like to that the IKS and JazzNL production teams for all their hard work. Also a thank you to all the sponsors and partners who made this all possible.

Warmest greetings,

Alexander Beets & Matti Austen
The board of JazzNL
The board of Rabobank Amersfoort Jazz

André and Kgomotso Le Roux
and the team at IKSAfrica.com


JazzNL is a widely supported Dutch foundation which creates and produces a wide array of activities for Dutch jazz, world and improvised music. The foundation has a strong focus on talent development and internationalization and aims to bring together buyers and sellers of talent by various means.

One of the biggest events for JazzNL is the network meeting event World Jazz Conference during the annual festival Amersfoort Jazz in The Netherlands, combined with the Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival

JazzNL is organizing jazz exchange programs through Jazz Expeditions and furthermore actively participates in various international jazz and world music festivals and get-togethers, to strengthen the international network of forward thinking industry professionals.