About JazzNL


Founded in 2005. the foundation JazzNL initiates, organizes and supports projects on behalf of Dutch World Jazz and improvised music, connecting international jazz networks and exploring new jazz markets worldwide. Main projects are the World Jazz Conference and the Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival, both items integrated into the annual festival Amersfoort Jazz in The Netherlands. Besides this, JazzNL arranges so-called ‘Jazz Expeditions’: bilateral cooperations between Dutch jazz artists and a vibrant World Jazz network abroad.



World Jazz Conference

Since 2016, the foundation JazzNL is organizing the exclusive international World Jazz Conference in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. The conference takes place during the annual festival Rabobank Amersfoort Jazz. The aim of the World Jazz Conference is to host an eco-system of strong players from all over the globe, to share visions and enhance collaboration on an international level.
Important elements are key-note speeches, discussion groups, multi-lateral meetings, network drinks and, most importantly, a series of concerts by young and talented laureates, endorsed by festivals from the international Amersfoort Jazz network.


Since 2017, the foundation JazzNL organizes the Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival, together with Amersfoort Jazz and Sena Performers.
Festivals attending the World Jazz Conference are given the opportunity to endorse a laureate of their choice to perform in full-fledged concerts at the festival. The aim is to create a unique experience for the laureates, while boosting their careers at the same time.The proposed musicians will enter a multi-day program including their own performances, collaborations with other laureates, workshops, lectures, network sessions and jam sessions. All international laureates perform a second time at the festival Amersfoort Jazz.

Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival

The project ‘Jazz Expeditions’ is a bilateral cooperation and exchange between two vibrant national jazz networks or festivals.
About 15 acclaimed musicians from a country abroad are performing at the festival Amersfoort Jazz in May, followed up by a group of about 15 Dutch jazz artists performing in several line-ups at festivals in that country in return.
Since 2011, JazzNL has arranged Jazz Expeditions to Thailand, Spain and South Africa. These Jazz Expeditons have committed to the item ‘Focus on World Jazz’ at the festival Amersfoort Jazz, presenting a vibrant jazz scene from abroad to an international audience.


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