About the World Jazz Conference 2020

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The World Jazz Conference will be held on 20 and 21 November. The conference is mainly aimed at music professionals and enthusiasts in the World music and Jazz spaces. These can include musicians, venue owners, festival organizers and promoters who want to expand their network. Already more than 100 Jazz supporters from across the globe – including Africa, Europe, Australasia and North America – will be joining us. A list of participants has been published here.
The Conference will run from:• 12:30pm-5:20pm (Central European Time) on Friday 20 November 2020• 1:00pm-4:20pm (Central European Time) on Saturday 21 November 2020
Registered participants have received a link and can attend the interactive conference by Zoom.  Anyone who is interested can watch the conference online.
Presentations & Panels
The conference will consist of presentations and panel discussions on 5 topics underlined by themes of Resilience, Improvisation and Reciprocity. The topics will discuss the real life challenges we are all experiencing. The detailed program can be found here.
We tried to make the conference as compact as possible. Presentations and underlying documents will be available for all participants to download at www.iksafrica.com during and after the conference. We advise all participants to read the World Jazz Festival Network Impact Survey Report before the conference.
Cyber Coffee
In addition, to give voice to the many participants, there are cyber coffee chatrooms where you can discuss the themes and share ideas with our world jazz community.
Jazz Laureates Festival
One of the highlights is the Sena Performers International Jazz Laureates Festival, where exceptional young talents can show off to the world, this time virtually, as part of the conference program. We will feature these exceptional laureates in front of the virtual audience of more than 100 festivals and top jazz venues across the globe. We ask all participants to consider them for a possible booking and collaboration in the future as we nurture our young talent together and give them the time to shine.
The Amersfoort Online Jazz Festival
This conference in Amersfoort is organized alongside our first free online jazz festival on Friday and Saturday evening from 19.00 till 00.00 hours.  We will be presenting 19 concerts of mainly Dutch artists in three days’ time from three different stages and invite you to enjoy some great jazz. Check the website for the program. The concerts can be seen here.
Contact us
We are overwhelmed by number of responses and the positive reactions to the conference and our teams in the Netherlands and South Africa are working hard to facilitate our first online conference and we can’t wait to get into a dialogue with all of you on how to (re-)build a global network for jazz and world music. If you have any questions you can send an email to JazzNL or IKS Cultural Consulting.[/cs_content_seo]