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Established in 2005, JazzNL is a Dutch foundation that spearheads initiatives to uplift Dutch World Jazz and improvised music on the global stage. Serving as a catalyst for artistic collaboration, the foundation actively connects the Dutch jazz scene with international networks, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and influences. Beyond its role as a connector, JazzNL is dedicated to exploring new jazz markets worldwide, pushing boundaries and contributing to the evolution of the global jazz landscape. With a commitment to creativity and cross-cultural dialogue, JazzNL stands as a pivotal force in shaping the future of Dutch World Jazz, ensuring its impact resonates across borders.

Since 2016, the foundation organizes the exclusive international World Jazz Conference in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. The conference takes place during the annual Amersfoort World Jazz Festival. The aim of the World Jazz Conference is to host an eco-system of strong players from all over the globe, to share visions and enhance collaboration on an international level. Important elements are key-note speeches, discussion groups, multi-lateral meetings, network drinks and, most importantly, a series of concerts by young and talented laureates, endorsed by festivals from the World Jazz Network.

A year later JazzNL organized the first edition of the Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival, together with Amersfoort Jazz and Sena Performers. Festivals attending the World Jazz Conference are given the opportunity to endorse a laureate of their choice to perform in full-fledged concerts at the festival. The aim is to create a unique experience for the laureates, while boosting their careers at the same time.The proposed musicians will enter a multi-day program including their own performances, collaborations with other laureates, workshops, lectures, network sessions and jam sessions. All international laureates perform a second time at the festival Amersfoort Jazz.

An ambition of JazzNL is to contribute to the Internationalization of Dutch Jazz. We do this by building an international network. The existing World Jazz Network is a good starting point, but further expansion and strengthening of these relationships can open doors for Dutch jazz artists. We do this by remaining active in building and maintaining a network with festivals, clubs and other professionals.

Providing practical support to Dutch jazz musicians who want to tour internationally. This includes offering advice and assistance in obtaining official documents such as invitation letters, applying for grants and funds, arranging work permits, and providing information about local regulations.

Facilitating collaborations and exchanges between Dutch jazz musicians and international artists. This can be achieved by organizing joint projects, residencies, or actively matching Dutch artists with foreign partners.

Promoting jazz education and workshops, both nationally and internationally. Offering educational programs and workshops can not only contribute to the professionalization of Dutch jazz musicians, but also to the sharing of knowledge at an international level.

Providing opportunities for professionals to network, creating new business opportunities and partnerships. JazzNL strives to be a dynamic and inclusive platform that unites and strengthens the Dutch and global jazz community and creates opportunities for everyone involved in this rich musical genre.

JazzNL wants to play an active role in increasing the visibility and success of Dutch jazz artists at an international level. We offer coaching and guidance to artists regarding international exchanges. Alexander Beets plays an important role in this, he is responsible for the coaching process. And will act as coach/tour manager during and in the preparation of international tours. As a musician he will of course also bring his saxophone to play a modest role. After all, doors are opened through music and that is what connects us. The aim of the coaching program is to support and guide Dutch jazz musicians with international ambitions in realizing their international career.

Alexander Beets
Anita Verheggen
Michel Peek
Ellister van der Molen
Sven Rozier