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ANBI Status requirements 2014 (Update 01.04.2021)

As of January 1, 2014, the following items about the foundation must be stated in order to maintain ANBI status:

The name of the ANBI: JazzNL Foundation
Popular name: / JazzNL / Foundation JazzNL
The tax number (RSIN): 8175.99.733.B.01.3300
The postal or visiting address: Hamersveldseweg 84A, 3833 GT, Leusden
Email address/telephone number: / +31 33 4557199
Articles of Association: View

The objective:
JazzNL wants to grow into an initiator, catalyst, developer, producer and partner in all Dutch activities that can contribute to the Dutch jazz sector. JazzNL’s principles are maintained, where terms such as effective, transparent, results-oriented and opportunities for everyone are indicative of JazzNL’s activities and partnerships.

JazzNL Foundation Policy Plan 2019 – 2023

JazzNL organized a successful World Jazz conference in May 2019 in parallel with the Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate festival. With participants from more than 40 different countries, more than 25 showcase concerts to present talents on the global jazz map and positive reactions from everyone, the JazzNL board will be committed to further expanding this section in the coming years. The basic idea of building an international infrastructure of festivals, competitions and laureates for global talent development with the Netherlands and Amersfoort as a hub appears to be correct. In concrete terms, this means that JazzNL will visibly manifest itself in the coming years at various platform events for world music, including in Spain, Israel, Thailand, South Africa, France, Norway and Germany. The aim is to invite the international network of professionals in Jazz and World Music to come to Amersfoort, participate in the conference and nominate a laureate for the festival. As the ultimate next step, JazzNL is preparing an EU application in which the network of international jazz festivals commits to programming laureates from the festival at their own festival, making the power of participation in the laureates festival even more valuable for both festivals and for laureates themselves. Please note that the conference and the laureate festival only aim to strengthen this vulnerable music by creating international connections. Participation in the conference is by invitation and there is no entrance fee. Every international professional and musician must organize and finance their own international transport. The organization will only provide transport, hotel and catering upon entry into the Netherlands (Schiphol) and participation in the conference and/or the laureates festival is mandatory.

In addition to the conference and the laureates festival, JazzNL is also the initiator of the jazz talent orchestra New York Round Midnight. A full-fledged theater production that has played in more than 100 theaters in recent years and where dozens of Dutch jazz talents have been able to gain experience after their conservatory studies. JazzNL collaborates with the Jazz & Worldmusic Agency (JWA) in The Hague in terms of production and implementation. Another theater tour through Dutch theaters as well as concerts abroad with the company is planned for the 2021 to 2022 season. Financing and assets An initiative as described above is highly dependent on funds, subsidies and donations. The rights organizations Sena, Buma Cultuur and Norma have been loyal partners of the JazzNL Foundation for many years. The performing arts fund is also a partner. Project plans must be submitted annually to all these organizations and financial support is promised. An important reason for these parties is the prospect of creating employment for Dutch and international musicians. The spread of Dutch copyright is also a motivation, although in the Jazz and World Music segment this should be viewed more symbolically than economically. The concerts of the Laureates festival are currently free, partly because the name recognition of the laureates still represents little economic value. In this sense, reaching a target group of Jazz and World Music enthusiasts is the value created. If there is sufficient interest for the festival as a whole or all concerts, JazzNL wants to introduce a ‘pay what you want system’ for its visitors. The financing of the conference stems from the value of bringing together a unique network of professionals in Jazz and World Music. Bringing Dutch jazz to the attention of a global network is of value to the performing arts fund, Buma Cultuur and Sena performers, among others. JazzNL emphatically does not want to offer a ‘commercial’ platform where people can buy a ticket and pitch their music or festival. JazzNL wants to offer a strong global network of festivals and talents that find each other through Amersfoort. As a third interesting financing stream, JazzNL looks at embassies and music export agencies. Embassies have an interest in promoting music from their own country in the Netherlands. Since Jazz and World Music are global music movements, money flows from all over the world via embassies are generally eligible. Depending on which festival nominates which laureate, JazzNL will contact the embassy of that country. The last money flow to be mentioned arises from the annual focus country. In the past, Thailand, India, Spain, South Africa and Belgium have been focus countries and in 2022 Jazz and World Music from Poland will be central through partner festival Scszechin. Such a focus creates additional festival management, journalists, musicians and interest groups.

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