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Alex Hirlian

Alex Hirlian is a drummer currently living in Sydney, Australia. He graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2016 where he received a Bachelor of Jazz Performance. He has studied under both Simon Barker and Andrew Dickeson during his time at the Sydney Conservatorium and has also received training in orchestral percussion, studying with Daryl Pratt and Richard Miller. 

Alex plays regularly around Sydney and has performed in groups led by prominent Australian jazz figures such as James Muller, Sean Wayland, Mike Nock, Judy Bailey, Mike Rivett and Carl Morgan just to name a few.

 In 2014, Alex was selected as a finalist for the Generations in Jazz competition in Mount Gambier run by James Morrison (South Australia) and recently won the prestigious 'National Jazz Awards' competition held in Wangaratta, Victoria In 2018, being the youngest of the competitors under the age of 35.


ARCING WIRES is a 5-piece high energy modern jazz rock group from Sydney, Australia. AW is a collaborative unit playing all original compositions written by all 5 members, drawing influence from artists like Kneebody, Ben Eunson, Avishai Cohen's Big Vicious and the Donny McCaslin Group.

AW initially all met during their time studying jazz at the Sydney Conservatorium, but have now gone on to become Sydney's most in demand sidemen, and it’s members often overlap in many different projects and scenes.

This band can be called something of a supergroup: Drummer Alex Hirlian is the recent winner of Australia's most distinguished jazz competition, The National Jazz Awards. Guitarist Felix Lalanne was awarded Equal 2nd at the Montreux Jazz Festival Guitar Competition, while the other 3 members of the group perform and lead their own groups at the highest level nationally and internationally.

The band is currently preparing to record their debut album in July, and will also appear at Bali's Ubud Village Jazz Festival in August. Keep an eye out for what's to come from this exhilarating and individual ensemble.

Endorsed by: Wangaratta Jazz & Blues Festival, Australia

Quote by Wangaratta Jazz & Blues Festival: "The Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues is endorsing Alex Hirlian as Alex is the Winner of the 2018 National Jazz Awards. The awards have been a central feature of the festival since 1990, and are considered Australia’s most prestigious jazz competition. Each year a different instrument is featured, in 2018 it was drums. Out of the 46 entrants, there are 10 finalists, with Hirlian’s winning performance demonstrating his skill across areas of technical control, musicianship, improvisational presence, and overall performance effectiveness. 

Hirlian is a versatile drummer having studied across contemporary and classical strands, and performed with many of Australia’s most renown musicians. He currently performs in a variety of groups around Sydney pushing the boundaries of modern jazz with his inventive rhythmic approach and ability to combine a fluid mix of styles. Alex represents the forefront of young modern jazz from Australia."



Arthur Endo is an award-winning Brazilian composer, arranger and guitarist who dedicates his life to Brazilian music and the classical guitar world.

His work represents dissolution of aesthetic boundaries that merge to create a unique atmosphere, filled by the Brazilian rhythm and informality, but also with the expressiveness and virtuosity inherited from his classical music background.

At the age of 22, he has already toured in France, the Netherlands and the United States with his solo guitar shows and his plan for the future is to keep introducing relevant musical narratives to the world.

Endorsed by: Festival Assad, Brazil

Quote by Festival Assad: "
We have met Arthur Endo in 2017, at the Assad Festival, in São João da Boa Vista, Brazil. At the occasion, he attended to masterclasses and concerts held by the Festival.
Arthur is an award-winning Brazilian composer, arranger and guitarist who dedicates his life to Brazilian music and to the classical guitar world.
At age of 22, he has already toured in France, Holland and the United States with his solo guitar shows.
Being aware of his work for quite a while now, the Assad Festival team can confidently say that Arthur expresses the classical music virtuosity, without letting the Brazilian rhythm and informality aside. He is definitely a musician of great value!
It is both an honor and a joy for us to represent him!"



Cazzip Project formed by 3 musicians Asli Ozer on piano, Erhan Ertetik on bass and Ertuğrul Biber on drums who came together to play the music they feel in 2012. They have released their debut album "Stories" with TMC Music label on March 2018.

Cazzip Project, the winner of 21st İstanbul Jazz Festival - Young Jazz Contest is known mainly for using complex and different rhythmic changes and melodies in their compositions. Since each of the song has its own story, the band named the album “Stories”. The project took 5 years and recorded at the Bubinga Records where also mixed and produced by Cem Catık. The mastering of the album has been done by Pieter Snapper at the Babajim Studios and Mastering.

Their first song "7 Motions" represents 7 different sections and different rhythms which gives such a dynamic feeling to the listener. The composer of the song Asli Ozer explains that each part of the song has it's own story with different feelings and took her one year to finalize the composition. The photos of the album taken by Orcun Kaya and the album cover illustrated by Nazli Sahin.

Endorsed by: Yeldegirmeni Spring Jazz Festival, Turkey

Quote by Yeldegirmeni Spring Jazz Festival: "The winner of 21st Istanbul Jazz Festival- Young Jazz Content has an innovative sound concentrated on using multiple melodies harmonized with odd rhythms embroidered with a contemporary approach.
I strongly believe that this creative approach and their energetic, strong bound that they create with the audience whilst they are performing will fit perfectly into the international jazz scene."




The ‘Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even Duo‘ is a young international project between the

British/Luxembourgish jazz singer Claire Parsons and the Israeli guitarist Eran Har Even. The project is a creative connection with the purpose of blending contrasting colours into original compositions. Each one of the musicians brings their unique vision and style to the music and thus create a very intimate and calm atmosphere with the intention of creating harmony and balance within the existing environment.

Claire Parsons is a jazz vocalist, composer and teacher from Luxembourg. Her interest in music started at an early age where she studied classical piano and guitar. She later studied jazz vocals with the internationally renowned jazz singer David Linx and deepened her knowledge in jazz harmony and composition. She plays and composes in various bands which allowed her to play on multiple international and national stages and festivals. In 2018 she won the price for “best upcoming musician” at the Luxembourg Music Awards.

Eran Har Even is an Edison nominated Israeli guitarist, composer and music teacher currently residing in Amsterdam. Since his arrival in the Netherlands in 2006, Eran has established himself as a leading figure in the Dutch Jazz scene – recording and performing with some of the finest Jazz musicians on the local and international circuits.

Endorsed by: Luxembourg Music Meeting, Luxembourg

Quote by Luxembourg Music Meeting: "
The ‘Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even Duo‘ is a young international project between the British/Luxembourgish jazz singer Claire Parsons and the Israeli/Dutch guitarist Eran Har Even. It is a witness of a constantly developing modern European jazz sound. The project was born out of the desire to form a creative connection between the voice and the guitar with the purpose of blending contrasting colours into original compositions. Claire Parsons is a jazz vocalist, keyboardist and composer. She later studied jazz vocals with the internationally renowned jazz singer David Linx and deepened her knowledge in jazz harmony and composition. She is multitalented and plays and composes in various bands which allowed her to play on international and national stages and festivals. In 2018 she won the price for the “best upcoming musician” at the Luxembourg Music Awards. Eran Har Even is an Edison nominated Israeli guitarist, composer and currently residing in Amsterdam. Since his arrival in the Netherlands in 2006, Eran has established himself as a leading figure in the Dutch Jazz scene – recording and performing with some of the finest Jazz musicians on the local and international circuits."



If you want to hear what modern Russian jazz sounds like, what its current state of evolution is, you should definitely check out ILUGDIN TRIO. Led by the prominent Russian pianist and composer Dmitry Ilugdin, the trio belongs to the national musical elite. It includes, besides Dmitry, the most sought-after musicians on Russian stage, Peter Ivshin (drums) and Victor Shestak (double bass).

Dmitry Ilugdin has rich cultural and educational background. Son of a well-known Russian film-maker, he graduated from the prestigious Gnesin’s Russian Academy of Music, got awarded the «Triumph» prize at music contest for youth, whereafter he worked for a decade in the band of the guru of Russian jazz, jazz philosopher and visioner Aleksei Kozlov. Their common creativity resulted in an album «Revisited Classics» which was issued on one of the leading Russian labels, ArtBeat Music and got loud in media’s praises. 


 Endorsed by: Usadba Jazz Festival, Russia

Quote by Usadba Jazz Festival: "Ilugdin Trio has become a real gem of the Russian jazz scene of the recent years. The vigor, unexpected improvisations and melodiousness are the features that make the trio so special. Listening to their music takes you away into the world of dreams and cinematographic images. The deep but at the same time soft sound of the piano combined with virtuosity of the performance by Dmitry Ilugdin fascinates the audience. All the members of the trio (Peter Ivshyn, drums and Victor Shestak, bass) are equally contributing to creating the unique world of their music, and you can feel their oneness in it...



Jason Eduwaiti

Jason Ovidio Eduard, born on the 3rd of July 1989, is from the village called Futunakaba, located in the upper river of Suriname in the district Sipaliwini. Music is ''a way of life'' in the village Futunakaba. Jason's first musical influence came from his father George Eduard and a band called Gadu A Fesi (God Before Us). Jason's father, uncles and aunts were all in this band. Together they created Saramaccan Gospel music. This had a lot of influence on him. The first band Jason played in was called ''Changes''. It was the youth-band of CCS music school (Stichting Cultureel Centrum Suriname) led by Gerold Yngard (currently the musical director

of Ala Kondre Dron Ensemble). Gerold brought the former band together. In 2009 Jason, Jered Eduard (drummer) and Steve Jabini (guitarist) started a new band called JJS, based on the

initials of the band members. They were looking to give the band a deeper meaning, because they were no longer a trio. It grew out to a total of 7 members, which had a singer, saxophonist, trumpeter and pianist. The band finally found its new name, which was Jong Jazz Sound.

As their musical career progressed they auditioned to join the Green Conservatory of Suriname in 2011. There they realized that it’s possible for a career in music. Michael Groenhart advised them to change the band's name once again. From his perspective it will be the best thing to do, because they were not young anymore and with a name like that they would always be

seen as young and immature. They took his advice and started looking for a more mature name. One day Jason saw an article in the newspaper about a music school in the village Jaw Jaw. It

was the first music school in the village, established in 2010. The name of the music school is "Ko Haika'' meaning come and listen in the Saramaccan language. For Jason it was a calling to

do something with music from his own roots. It would be a fusion between Saramaccan and Jazz. First Jason wanted to make music for his own people, but Jazz was not common

where he is from, therefore the people would not enjoy it. It was far from what they are used to, which is upbeat music you can dance to. The band name was finally changed from Joung Jazz

Sound to Haika, which means listen or obedience. Jason Eduard's stage name is Jason Eduwaiti. He intentionally choose a Saramaccan name. Later on his passion grew out to not only

reach his Saramaccan audience, but also the whole world. A bass player from Cameroon named Richard Bona was Jason's source of inspiration, a very important one. Richard is also from

a village in Cameroon and when he came in contact with Jazz, he created his own style in combination with his roots. Jason his ambition is to go around the world so that he can be known as ''the boy from Futunakaba'', who found his calling. Jason arranged his own version of the song Sapate Doolimbo inspired by the song ''Te Misea'' from Richard Bona. The song

Sapate Doolimbo (meaning moonlight) is originally sung by a Saramaccan band called Cosmo Stars, a band that used to play Kaseko music. Etienne Stadwijk, a top Surinamese Keyboardist in Richard Bona’s band heard Jason’s arrangement of the song. Etienne could immediately make a connection with the song Te Misea and asked Jason to have a jam session. This was a confirmation for Jason that he was on the right path. Haika had different influences: R&B, Kaseko, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Saramaccan and Jazz, because of the diversity of the band members. Therefore Haika was known as an allround band. A very intense period of study of 9 months led Jason to take a break from the band. He graduated in 2017 with a high point (9)

and now he has the title Bachelor of Music. Jason has decided to continue his career as a solo artist. Jason presented his original Maroon - Jazz concept as Jason Eduwati at the Suriname Jazz Festival, which was held in october 2018.

Endorsed by: Suriname Jazz Festival, Suriname

Quote by Suriname Jazz Festival: "
Jason Eduwaiti is one of Suriname’s most diverse musicians who has contributed to the growth of Suriname Jazz Festival through his participation during several editions. He has been part of backing bands for international artist, performed with his own band ‘Haika’, supported many jazz jams, and finally during the Suriname Jazz Festival in October 2018 he presented his original Maroon-Jazz concept under the name Jason Eduwaiti. We can proudly say that Jason is an artist who has been consistent in enhancing his musical talent. From participating in many music projects to studying at the Surinamese Conservatory, graduating with a 9 in 2017 and now bearing the title Bachelor of Music, we have been able to observe his journey. Not only during his participation at our festival but his overall contribution to artistic expression of Surinamese Culture. Especially Surinamese Maroon culture, which tells a pivotal part of Surinamese history. We also applaud the way he has been able to blend his Maroon music with modern day Jazz to create a unique and very distinctive sound. With this endorsement of Jason Eduwaiti for the Laureates Festival 2019, we like to express our appreciation of his talent and hard work. Jason has reached a very high level of technical and artistic excellence, which we believe qualifies for international recognition."



JazzyBIT is a trio consisting of Teodor Pop (piano, keys), Mihai Moldoveanu (bass) and Szabó Csongor-Zsolt (drums). Active since 2012, JazzyBIT offers an energetic combination of jazz and rock, scattered here and there with blues, latin and funk. The group describes its style as being “loud jazz”. It sounds like Hiromi would play with Snarky Puppy, but in a trio.

The band has a flourishing live activity, counting almost 200 concerts in its first 6 years of existence. Until now, JazzyBIT has played in 9 countries, on 2 continents, participating in some of the world’s biggest jazz festivals ( Jarasum International Jazz Festival in South Korea, Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival in Lithuania or Belgrade Jazz Festival in Serbia). In addition, they have played in some of the most famous jazz clubs in Europe ( Reduta Jazz Club in Prague, Sunset Sunside in Paris, or Budapest Jazz Club ). Besides the jazz circuit, the band also played at some multi-genre festivals, such as the Sziget Festival in Hungary, the Exit Festival in Serbia or the Untold Festival in Romania, but also in some well-known clubs from the European circuit, like the A38 in Budapest or the Control in Bucharest. 

Endorsed by: Brasov Jazz & Blues Festival, Romania

Quote by Brasov Jazz & Blues Festival: "After winning the 2013 Newcomer Award by the Muzza Foundation Bucharest, JazzyBIT got to be finalists in the European Jazz Award competition of the Tuscia in Jazz festival in 2014. Moreover, they won the Timișoara Jazz Award for the Group of the Year in 2016, and in 2017 all members of the group received the Banat Jazz Award for the Musicians of the Year, the latter two awarded on behalf of the Jazz Banat Cultural Foundation.

The band has a flourishing live activity, counting over 200 concerts in its first 6 years of existence. Until now, JazzyBIT has played in 10 countries, on 2 continents, participating in some of the world’s biggest jazz festivals (Jarasum International Jazz Festival in South Korea, Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival in Lithuania or Belgrade Jazz Festival in Serbia).

JazzyBIT continues expanding its "Horizon" (which is also the name of their second record) by bringing their jazz to more and more people. Their music is considered to be very listenable and this is the reason why their live show is adaptable to any audience."



SaxPackGirl, the most prominent

Two of Thai female Saxophonists

established by Kwang Saxophone and

Pang Saxgirl , since 2015. They have

been doing covered songs through

YouTube and their Facebook fan page

named “Sax Pack Girl" which has more

than million viewers now.

They have numerous expertise and

provided Saxophone instruction and

training. They are also willing to share a

useful information about Saxophone and

other music instrument.

Alto : Pang Pacharee Sa-guanprasert

Tenor : Kwang Nisthanun Thaicharoensri


Endorsed by: Huahin Jazz Festival, Thailand


Sun-Mi Hong

Born and raised in In-Cheon, Korea; Sun-Mi has a unique perspective of life after her last seven years in Amsterdam. With a signature of rooted groove in combination with well tempered outbursts, Sunmi has placed herself strongly in the Dutch jazz scene. By approaching the moment in a somewhat meditative fashion, she achieves the ability to bring something entirely original to the band stand.

She is the winner of the Dutch Jazz Competition 2018 and the 2nd Prize of the Getxo International Jazz Competition 2017 (Sun-Mi Hong Quintet), She released a debut Album called ‘First Page’consisting entirely of original music, reflects that. Sun-Mi marks dramatic and emotional variation, from sensitivity and minimalism, to wildness and groove.


Endorsed by: Amersfoort Jazz Festival, Netherlands

Quote by Amersfoort Jazz: "Amsterdam based South-Korean drummer Sun-Mi Hong got her breakthrough in 2016, winning the International Jazz Award in Getxo (ESP) with the Daahoud Salim Quintet, followed by the B-Jazz Award in Leuven (BEL) the year after. Already during her studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Martijn Vink, Marcel Serierse and Lucas van Merwijk, Sun’s extraordinary talent became evident and led her to tour intensely with Karel Boehlee, Benjamin Herman and Jasper Blom. In 2017 she released her first album, containing compositions influenced by the ICP Orchestra, Ambrose Akinmusire and Maurice Ravel.

In 2018 she won second place at the Getxo International Jazz Competiton, won the Sena Dutch Jazz Competition and performed at Amersfoort Jazz with the ‘Bitches Brewery’. Sun subsequently was selected Young VIP.

With her own group, consisting of upcoming and outstanding musicians Alistair Payne (trumpet), Nicolo Ricci (sax), Young-Woo (piano) and Alessandro Fongaro (bass), Sun-Mi Hong performs on Saturday, May 25th, at de Observant, Amersfoort."




Wanda Baloyi

Wanda Baloyi is back in the musical spotlight with a new album after a three-year hiatus. Titled Love and Life, the project marks a new creative approach for Wanda. For the first time in her career, she has enlisted the talents of another creative to put pen to her entire lyric.


The experiment involves 10 days of elaborate sharing and learning with singer song writer, Kabomo to craft all the words that make up the Love and Life. The result resulted is a luscious blend of Soul, R&B and hip hop. Wanda has managed to create a delicate balance of youthful verve and mature resolve with her new songs. About the song titled Awake she says, "it's a song about an old relationship that is trapped in an emotional coma of sorts. Then out of nowhere, someone else comes along in a dream and helps you discover the possibility of what love could be. This third person helps to revive the magic of love. But in the end you wake up and reality strikes."


"Bitter Sweet" is a song that explores the sweet taboo and promise of a love triangle. "It's a song about what happens when you meet some and you think, I like you, you carry the qualities I like in a man, but I can't have you," says Wanda about the song.


The album features a rich host of notable collaborations that help to tell Wanda’s beautiful tales of Love and Life. Judith Siphuma shares singing credits on "Kisses." She lends her experience to the song and shores Wanda up as a talent not to be taken lightly. Wanda has also invited an up and coming talent on the hip-hop scene, Solo who raps on "Mirrored," a song produced by Clint Brink. "This is a song about selfforgiveness. It's about accepting my mistake. It's about giving myself a mirror to face myself and deal with myself."


Kabomo joins her for a duet on " Ukuzimisela" a lovely ballad sung in isiZulu. The track unfolds like a delicate dialogue of a couple in the raptures of love.


Wanda started her musical journey as a member of the all girl group, Ghetto-Luv in the 1990s. She would later recreate herself as a solo vocalist. She released her first album produced by award winning jazz guitarist Jimmy Dludlu, "Voices" in 2003. She followed it up in 2005 with "So Amazing".


"Voices" earned her a KORA Award for Best African Arrangement 2004 along with two SAMA nominations and a Channel O music video nomination 2005 and 2006. These accolades opened up doors that saw her work with the creatives as diverse as Moreira Chonguiça and Thembi Seete among many others.


In 2009 Wanda released her third project with Universal Music, a jazz and fusion album titled Colours. The release was followed by a three-year hiatus out of which the new album Love & Life, was created.

Website: by: Joy Of Jazz, South Africa

Quote by Joy Of Jazz:

"T Musicman has dedicated a lot of effort in the past years in elevating jazz as a popular genre in this country. 

It is not only the effort of growing and raising the profile of jazz but also African music.

We have also invested major resources behind all arts and music genres, both financially as well as providing the personnel resources required. Ensuring that South African/Continental  musicians collaborate with international counterparts and thereby building friendships, bridges and achieving cross- cultural exchanges.

Wanda Baloyi is amongst many of the artists that we believe will represent our vision at the Amersfoort Jazz Festival."