Conference Program 2020

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Resilience, Improvisation and Reciprocity
(Please note that this program is subject to change)
20-21 November 2020
Rebuilding the World Jazz Festival Network
What is the World Jazz Festival Network and why Amersfoort?
The World Jazz Festival Network Report is made up of participants from Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, South America, North America and the Middle East. These industry representatives attend the World Jazz Conference that is organised in collaboration with the foundation JazzNL and its partners. Based in Amersfoort, JazzNL aims to facilitate cooperation between Dutch and international festivals from around the world, while building new communities of World Jazz devotees and creating opportunities for the next generation.
Organisations around the world are creating frameworks and plans to recover socially and economically from the impact of the Coronavirus, although there is still considerable uncertainty as to when this pandemic will be over, however what is clear is the enormous impact the pandemic has had on the World Jazz sector and its audiences. This conference follows a report conducted by IKS Cultural Consulting on behalf of the Rabobank Amersfoort Jazz Festival and Foundation JazzNL. The World Jazz Festival Network Impact Survey Report that is the basis of this year’s conference investigated the impact of the coronavirus on this network.
The following key themes will be explored at the conference:
1. What the %$#^&!! just happened?
2. Support for staying alive
3. Live streaming and new modes of operation
4. Strategies for recovery

Day 1: Friday, 20 November
Central European Time
12:30pm till 1:00pm
International music laureates
1:00pm till 1:15pm
Welcoming addresses by Andre le Roux, Alexander Beets and Wynton Marsalis
Theme 1 – What the %$#^&!! just happened?
“This is my main work. It felt like someone ripped it out from under me, like a ship without sails,” said Josh Grossman, Toronto Jazz Festival, Canada.
This is a scene setter to introduce the motivation behind conducting a World Jazz Festival Network Survey and share some cases on what happened to the world jazz festival network.
1:15pm till 1:45pm
Session 1
Facilitator: Andre le Roux (SA – IKS Cultural Consulting) & The Amersfoort JazzNL Table
Respondents: Gail Boyd (USA – Gail Boyd Artist Management) / Catherine Mayer (Germany – Just Jazz Int.) / *Jan Ole Otnæs (Norway – Victoria Jazz Scene) / Adam Simmons (Australia – The Usefulness of Art) / Paul Pace (UK – Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club and Spice Jazz at the Spice of Life, Soh) / Peter Tladi (SA – Standard Bank Joy of Jazz) / Billy Domingo (SA – Cape Town International Jazz Festival) / Duangpong Ponshak (Thailand – Huahin Jazz Festival)
Theme 2 – Support for staying alive
“I wish my organisation could access quality equipment for live streaming,” says Ülker Uncu, Jazz Holiday Festival, Turkey.
There are many support programmes across the globe that participants can learn from. This theme will explore how jazz ecosystems are staying active and vibrant despite the restrictions to keep the pandemic in check. The surveys point to the dire impact on the entire ecosystem with venues and festivals closing, and artists not being able to make a living. This theme will outline the different approaches by various stakeholders and the role of media in lobbying for government and private sector support. A critical part of the discussion will also be how governments and the sector can incentivise and support artists and venues for at this time.
1:45pm till 2:25pm
Session 2
Facilitator: Andre Le Roux and The Amersfoort JazzNL Table
o Presentation: World Jazz Conference Survey Impact Report by Kgomotso le Roux (SA – IKS Cultural Consulting)
o Presentation: Support Programs in the Netherlands – Alexander Beets (Netherlands – Amersfoort Festival, JazzNL Foundation, Buma Stemra)
o Presentation: How music cities can support the world jazz sector to thrive by Dr. Shain Shapiro (UK – Sound Diplomacy)
Respondents: *Jan Ole Otnæs (Norway – Victoria Jazz Scene, Jazz Club in Oslo) / Adam Simmons / Paul Pace / *Duangpong Ponshak (Thailand – Huahin Jazz Festival) / Sylwester Ostrowski (Poland – Szczecin Jazz Festival) / *Mahesh Babu (India – Banyan Tree – Mumbai) / Bradley Williams (SA -The Artivist, Johannesburg) / Aymeric Péguillan (SA – Urban Sessions: Pegs Music Project) Rashid Lombard (SA) / *Josh Grossman (Canada – Toronto Jazz Festival) / Raynel Frazier (USA – Jazz Lincoln Center)
2:25pm till 2:35pm
Music by international music laureates
2:35pm till 3:25pm
Session 3
Facilitator: Andre Le Roux – South Africa
o Presentation: International Jazz Musician Survey (COVID-19 Edition) by Jazz Fuel – A musician’s perspective – Arlette Hovinga / Ellister Van Der Molen (Netherlands – JazzNL Foundation)
o Presentation: Musicians survey and lobbying parliament by The Usefulness of Art – TUA – Adam Simmons, jazz musician and festival organiser
o Presentation: Mahesh Babu – Sustaining the Folk Heritage of India
Respondents: Anita Verheggen (Netherlands – JazzNL Foundation, Sena Performers and Kunstenbond) / Germaine Gamiet (SA – Pro Helvetia Johannesburg, Swiss Arts Council) / Mahesh Babu / Magdalena Fijalkovska (Poland – Polish Radio) / *Raul Da Gama (Canada – Jazz Global Media) / Violet Maila (SA – Music in Africa Foundation) / James French (SA – SAMRO Foundation), Cyriel Pluimakers – Jazz Journalist
Theme 3 – Live streaming and new modes of operation
“I regret having initially offered free live streaming of club events. This has led to diminishing returns and further undermined the club’s ability to earn some form of income,” said Paul Pace, Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club and Spice Jazz at the Spice of Life, Soho, UK.
Streaming hybrid business models that benefit musicians, venues and festivals will be explored for their viability.
3:25pm till 5:05pm
Session 4
Facilitator: Gwen Ansell
o Special addresses by SACEM and Erika Dennis (SA/France – French Embassy, French Institute in South Africa)
o Presentation: Digital Futures? Live Streaming in South Africa by Gwen Ansell (SA)
o Presentation: Iredumare-Ojengbede Opeyemi (Nigeria – Simfy Africa)
Respondents: Akotchaye Okio (SACEM Africa), Babylas Ndiaye (Senegal – Deedo) / Alan Webster (SA – National Arts Festival) / Dr Sipho Sithole (SA – Watcha TV) / Jess White (SA / Australia – Akum Agency) / Georgina Javor (USA – Jazz Lincoln Center), Michael Balkind (SA – Soda Studio Johannesburg) / Michel Peek – Armada Head of Publishing
5:05pm till 5:10pm
Housekeeping by Andre le Roux
5:10pm till 5:20pm
Music by international laureates

Day 2: Saturday, 21 November
Central European Time
1:00pm till 1:30pm
Music by South African music laureates
1:30pm till 2:15pm
Cyber Coffee Chats (facilitated chats online)
2:15pm till 2:25pm
Music interlude
Theme 4 – Strategies for recovery
“If we don’t stick together, we are done,” says Anita Verheggen (JazzNL board member of the Kunstenbond (Dutch Musicians Union) and Sena Performers in the Netherlands).
What are the solutions, options and opportunities for building resilient world jazz music festivals to adapt or thrive? How do we go about building a network of mobility in the digital and physical realm for jazz and world music artists in partnership with committed festivals?
2:25pm till 3:00pm
Session 5
Facilitator: Alexander Beets
o Presentation: Earning capacity of musicians online – Alexander Beets / Michel Peek Armada (Netherlands – JazzNL Foundation)
o Presentation: Sylwester Ostrowski – Hybrid Festival Models
Respondents: Babylas Ndiaye (Senegal – Deedo) / Alan Webster (SA – National Arts Festival) / Aymeric Péguillan / Alexander Plooij (NL – / Jess White (SA / Australia – Akum Agency) / Georgina Javor (USA – Jazz Lincoln Center), Michael Balkind (SA – Soda Studio Johannesburg), Gwen Ansell / Duang Pong / Mahesh Babu / Anita Verheggen
3:00pm till 3:45pm
Session 6
Facilitator: Alexander Beets
o Presentation: National Podium Plan by Ben van den Dungen (Netherlands)
o Discussion: Social and cultural funds – James French, Charlie Wall-Andrews (Canada – SOCAN Foundation), Anita Verheggen (Netherlands – SENA) and Ikaros van Duppen (Netherlands – Buma Cultuur)
Respondents: Magdalena Fijalkowska / Gail Boyd / Vera Kuipers (USA – Dutch Culture USA) / Sylwester Ostrowski / Rashid Lombard / Alexander Beets / Georgina Javor / Seton Hawkins (USA – Jazz Lincoln Center) / Anita Verheggen / Regis Guerbois (France – Maseilles Jazz Festival)
3:45pm – 4:00pm
Coffee Table Chats Feedback Session
Facilitator: Andre le Roux
Presenters: Percy Mabandu, Nothemba Madumo and Monthati Masebe
4:00pm – 4:05pm
Closing by Alexander Beets and Nomfundo Xaluva
4:05pm till 4:20pm
Music by South African music laureates[/cs_content_seo]