About WJC 2019

About the World Jazz Conference

The World Jazz Conference takes place every year in the last weekend of May parallelly to the Amersfoort Jazz Festival. The conference is organized by the Dutch foundation JazzNL. The essential aim of the WJC is to host an international network of actors within the World Jazz field who share the ambition to create tools that contribute to the international development of talent. Foundation JazzNL has set-up the World Jazz Conference to create an environment where ideas are being developed and tools are actually created.

The World Jazz Conference is based on a “people to people“ - principle, where a productive network between festival organisers is formed. This means that during the WJC an intense exchange of national artists and repertoire is promoted, and interaction and mobility of international laureates is facilitated. Furthermore, the World Jazz Conference provides space for a fruitful exchange of expertise and knowledge between festival organisers. Thus, this unique institution makes the Amersfoort Jazz Festival an epicentre of interaction between festival organisers and artists, of networking and of multi-lateral collaborations.

About the Laureates Festival by JazzNL

As a result of workgroup discussions and seminars during the 2016 edition of the World Jazz Conference, Foundation JazzNL started the Laureates Festival which fringes Amersfoort Jazz Festival. It was the first visible step of the conference participants network to establish this mechanism for international exchange of talent. In 2019, the 3rd edition of the Laureates event takes place, for which 11 laureates have been selected from all parts of the world: Australia, South Africa, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Brazil, Suriname, Turkey, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. The Laureates Festival gives these young artists and winners of competitions the opportunity to present their talent during full-length concerts, not only to a broad audience, but also to the attending international festival organisers.

The aim of the Laureates Festival is:

  • Making talent visible for a wider audience
  • Being an accelerator for laureates towards an international career
  • Becoming a quality brand, in the sense that performing at the Laureates Festival says a big deal about the artist.

 The Laureates Festival is:

  • a tool for musicians to kickstart or accelerate an international career
  • a shop-window for festivals, venues and promoters to discover new talent in an international networking environment
  • a voyage of discovery for an audience that’s interested to see the stars of tomorrow perform and wants to be up to date with the development of the genre
  • a platform for competitions/awards to showcase their talent.